The Mitigation of Mineral Toxicity Stress

Description: Sunflower Zn Tox

Mitigation by management of acid soil

o   Soil Acidity and Liming

o   Soil pH and its Amendment

o   Soil pH and its Buffering

o   Amelioration by Organic Residues Amendments

o   Avoiding Micronutrient Toxicity in Floriculture


Mitigation by crop plant tolerance

o   Aluminum Toxicity Tolerance Special article by Dr. E. Delhaize

o   Ectomycorrhyza and Mineral Toxicity Resistance

o   Phytochelatins and Mineral Toxicity Resistance

o   Molecular Mechanism of Heavy Metal Toxicity and Tolerance

o   Wheat breeding for acid soil tolerance

o   Lead uptake, toxicity, and detoxification in plants

o   Heavy Metal Tolerance in Plants: Role of Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, and Ionomics.


Phytoremediation Article by M.M. Lasat