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Cold stress and acclimation – what is important for metabolic adjustment?

  By A. Janska, P. Mars, S. Zelenkova and J. Ovesna, 2010

Temperature stress and plant sexual reproduction: uncovering the weakest links

  By Kelly E. Zinn, Meral Tunc-Ozdemir and Jeffrey F. Harper, 2010

Special Issue: Plant and Microbe Adaptation to Cold

  Plant Science, Volume 180, Issue 1, , 2011

Low-temperature perception leading to gene expression and cold tolerance in higher plants

  By Marc R. Knight and Heather Knight, 2012

Physiological and molecular changes in plants grown at low temperatures

  By Andreas Theocharis and Christophe Clement, 2012

Understanding plant cold hardiness: an opinion

  By Lawrence V. Gusta and Michael Wisniewski, 2013

Plant plasma membrane proteomics for improving cold tolerance

   By Daisuke Takahashi, Bin Li, Takato Nakayama, Yukio Kawamura and Matsuo Uemura, 2013

Molecular physiology and breeding at the crossroads of cold hardiness improvement

   By Yves Castonguay, et al., 2013

Merging Physiological and Genetic Approaches to Improve Abiotic Stress Resistance (mainly Cold Stress)

   By J.P. Palta, 2014

Genomics and functional genomics of winter low temperature tolerance in temperate fruit crops

   By A Fennell, 2014

Extreme low temperature tolerance in woody plants

   By G. Richard Strimbeck, Paul G. Schaberg, Carl G. Fossdal, Wolfgang P. Schröder4 and Trygve D. Kjellsen. 2015

Cold signal transduction and its interplay with phytohormones during cold acclimation

   By Y Shi, Y Ding, S Yang, 2015.

Post-head-emergence frost in wheat and barley: defining the problem, assessing the damage, and identifying resistance

   By T.M. Frederiks, J.T. Christopher, M.W. Sutherland and A.K. Borrell, 2015.

Some key physiological and molecular processes of cold acclimation

   By R. JohnN. A. AnjumS. K. SoporyN. A. Akram M. Ashraf, 2016.