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Phosphorus dynamics: from soil to plant

  By Jianbo Shen et al., 2011

Metabolic adaptation of phosphorus-starved plants

  By W.C. Plaxton and Hue T. Tran, 2011

Plant and microbial strategies to improve the phosphorus efficiency of agriculture

  By Alan E. Richardson et al., 2011

Acquisition of phosphorus and other poorly mobile nutria by roots. Where do plant nutrition models fail?

  By Philippe Hinsinger et al., 2011

Focus Issue: Phosphorus starvation and adaptation

  By Plant Physiology Volume 156 Issue 3, 2011

Rethinking Internal Phosphorus Utilization Efficiency: A New Approach Is Needed to Improve PUE in Grain Crops

  By Terry J. Rose and Matthias Wissuwa, 2012

Engineering Nitrogen Use Efficient Crop Plants, (a summary from ISB News Report)

  By McAllister, Beatty, and Good, 2012

Opportunities for improving phosphorus-use efficiency in crop plants.

  By Veneklaas, E J. et al., 2012

Matching roots to their environment

  By Philip J.White et al., 2013

Root Nutrient Foraging

  By Ricardo F.H. Giehl and Nicolaus von Wirén, 2014

Genetic approaches to enhancing nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) in cereals: challenges and future directions

  By Trevor Garnett, Darren Plett, Sigrid Heuer and Mamoru Okamoto, 2015

Boron deficiency in woody plants: various responses and tolerance mechanisms

   By Nannan Wang†, Chengquan Yang†, Zhiyong Pan, Yongzhong Liu and Shu’ang Peng. 2015

Improving phosphorus use efficiency in agriculture: opportunities for breeding

   By Clemens C. M. van de Wiel. C. Gerard van der Linden. Olga E. Scholten, 2016.

From promise to application: root traits for enhanced nutrient capture in rice breeding

   By Matthias Wissuwa, Tobias Kretzschmar and Terry J. Rose, 2016.