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Heat perception and signalling in plants: a tortuous path to thermotolerance

    By Younousse Saidi, Andrija Finka and Pierre Goloubinoff, 2011

Impact of high-temperature stress on rice plant and its traits related to tolerance

    By F. Shah et al., 2011

Heat Stress in Wheat during Reproductive and Grain-Filling Phases

    By Muhammad Farooq, Helen Bramley, Jairo A. Palta, and Kadambot H.M. Siddique, 2011

High temperature tolerance in chickpea and its implications for plant improvement

    By V. Devasirvatham, D.K.Y.Tan, P. M. Gaur, T. N. Raju, and R. M. Trethowan, 2012

Physiological Traits for Improving Heat Tolerance in Wheat

    By C. Mariano Cossani and Matthew P. Reynolds, 2012

Plant tolerance to high temperature in a changing environment: scientific fundamentals and production of heat stress-tolerant crops

    By Craita E. Bita and Tom Gerats, 2013.

Modeling Wheat Response to High Temperature – Proceedings of a Workshop

     By Alderman PD, Quilligan E, Asseng S, Ewert F, and Reynolds MP (eds), CIMMYT, 2014 

Heat stress in crop plants: its nature, impacts and integrated breeding strategies to improve heat tolerance

    By Uday Chand Jha, Abhishek Bohra and Narendra Pratap Singh, 2014

Heat stress in cereals: mechanisms and modelling

    By EE Rezaei, H Webber, T Gaiser, J Naab, 2015.

Prospects of engineering thermotolerance in crops through modulation of heat stress transcription factor and heat shock protein networks

    By Sotirios Fragkostefanakis, Sascha Röth, Enrico Schleiff & Klaus-Dieter Scharf. 2015

Quality Control of Photosystem II: The Mechanisms for Avoidance and Tolerance of Light and Heat Stresses are Closely Linked to Membrane Fluidity of the Thylakoids.…

    By Y Yamamoto, 2016.

Response and Tolerance Mechanism of Cotton Gossypium hirsutum L. to Elevated Temperature Stress: A Review

    By KR Zahid, F Ali, F Shah, M Younas, T Shah, 2016.

Pollen Development at High Temperature: From Acclimation to Collapse

    By Ivo Rieu, David Twell and Nurit Firon, 2017.

Food Legumes and Rising Temperatures: Effects, Adaptive Functional Mechanisms Specific to Reproductive Growth Stage and Strategies to Improve Heat Tolerance

    By Kumari Sita et al. 2017