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Improving Crop Salt Tolerance: Anion and Cation Transporters as Genetic Engineering Targets

   By  Afaq A. Mian, Prasad Senadheera, Frans J.M. Maathuis, 2011

Overcoming Salinity Barriers to Crop Production Using Traditional Methods

   By Z. Plaut M. Edelstein  & M. Ben-Hur, 2013

Improving Salinity Tolerance in Cereals

   By M. Shahbaz and M. Ashraf, 2013

Salt stress or salt shock: which genes are we studying?

   By Yuri Shavrukov, 2013

Learning from halophytes: physiological basis and strategies to improve abiotic stress tolerance in crops

   By Sergey Shabala, 2013.

Salt resistant crop plants

   By Stuart J Roy, Sónia Negrã and, Mark Tester, 2014

Sodium in plants: perception, signaling, and regulation of sodium fluxes

   By Frans J. M. Maathuis, 2014

  Special Issue; Halophytes

     Annals of Botany 115(3.) 2015 (Open Access)

  Salinity tolerance of crops – what is the cost?

     By Munns, R. and Gilliham, M., 2015

  Diversity, distribution and roles of osmoprotective compounds accumulated in halophytes under abiotic stress

    By I Slama, C Abdelly, A Bouchereau, T Flowers, 2015

  The development of halophyte-based agriculture: past and present

     By Y Ventura, A Eshel, D Pasternak, M Sagi, 2015.

  The evolution of halophytes, glycophytes and crops, and its implications for food security under saline conditions

    By JM Cheeseman, 2015,

  On the salty side of life: molecular, physiological and anatomical adaptation and acclimation of trees to extreme habitats.

    By A Polle, S Chen, 2015.

  New Insights on Plant Salt Tolerance Mechanisms and Their Potential Use for Breeding.

    By Moez Hanin, Chantal Ebel, Mariama Ngom, Laurent Laplaze, and Khaled Masmoudi, 2016

 Soil chemistry Factors Confounding Crop Salinity Tolerance—A Review

    By P Rengasamy, 2016.