Plant Breeding for Stress Environments


This is a compilation of available/open full-text resources on plant breeding for stress environments in its narrow sense.




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Special article in the ‘Stresses’ section of this web site.

By Abraham Blum

Breeding for drought and nitrogen stress in maize

By M.Banziger, G.O.Edmeades, G. Beck and M.Bellon, 2000 

Molecular and physiological approaches to maize improvement for drought tolerance

By W.B. Bruce, G.O. Edmeades and T.C. Barker. 2002 

Breeding rice for drought-prone environments.

Edited by Fischer K.S., Lafitte R., Fukai S., Atlin G. and Hardy B.; IRRI, 2003

Breeding beans for resistance to terminal drought in the lowland tropics.

By M.A. Frahm et al., 2004

Drought resistance, water-use efficiency, and yield potential - are they compatible, dissonant, or mutually exclusive?

By Abraham Blum, 2005

Workshop on Pre-Breeding for Better Performance under Drought, 2007 – Summary and Recommendations

From GRDC, Australia, 2007.

Breeding drought tolerant cowpeas

By E. M. Agbicodo et al, 2009

Effective use of water (EUW) and not water-use efficiency (WUE) is the target of crop yield improvement under drought stress.

       By Abraham Blum, 2009 - reprint

Faba bean breeding for drought-affected environments: A physiological and agronomic perspective

        By H.R. Khan, J.G. Paull, K.H.M. Siddique, F.L. Stoddard, 2010

Breeding for water-saving and drought-resistance rice (WDR) in China

        By L.J. Luo, 2010

Drought phenotyping in crops: from theory to practice; Online book.

        Numerous authors, GCP 2011, 2014.

Integrated genomics, physiology and breeding approaches for improving drought tolerance in crops.

By Mir et al.. 2012

  Phenotyping for drought tolerance of crops in the genomics era

          By Roberto Tuberosa, 2012

Taking transgenic rice drought screening to the field

By Amélie C.M. Gaudin, Amelia Henry, Adam H. Sparks and Inez H. Slamet-Loedin, 2013

Cassava phenotyping for drought resistance breeding

By Emmanuel Okogbenin et al., 2013.

  Genomics-assisted breeding for drought tolerance in chickpeas

           By Thudi M. et al., 2014

  Breeding high-yielding drought-tolerant rice: genetic variations and conventional and molecular approaches

           By Kumar et al., 2014.

  Towards a conceptual ABA ideotype in plant breeding for water limited environments.

           By Abraham Blum. 2015.

  Genomic tools in pearl millet breeding for drought tolerance: Status and prospects

           By Desalegn D. Serba and Rattan S. Yadav, 2016

  Bridging the Rice Yield Gaps under Drought: QTLs, Genes, and their Use in Breeding Programs

           By Nitika Sandhu and Arvind Kumar, 2017

  Breeding for improved drought tolerance in Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

           By Muhammad Amir Maqbool, Muhammad Aslam and Hina Ali, 2017



Special article in the ‘Stresses’ section of this web site.

By A.E. Hall

Breeding wheat for heat tolerance

By M.P. Reynolds, S. Nagarajan, M.A. Razzaque, and O.A.A. Ageeb, 2001

Breeding for adaptation to drought and heat in cowpea

By A.E. Hall, 2004

Influence of high temperature and breeding for heat tolerance in cotton: a review

By RP Singh, PV Prasad, K Sunita, SN Giri, 2007

  Assessment of cold and heat tolerance by pollen function

          By Singh et al., 2008

 Physiological Traits for Improving Heat Tolerance in Wheat

          By C. Mariano Cossani and Matthew P. Reynolds, 2012

   Heat stress in crop plants: its nature, impacts and integrated breeding strategies to improve heat tolerance.

          By Abhishek Bohra, Narendra Pratap Singh, 2014



Special article in the ‘Stresses’ section of this web site.

By B. Fowler and A.E. Limin

  Assessment of cold and heat tolerance by pollen function

          By Singh et al., 2008

Breeding wheat for cold tolerance

By N.N. Saulescu and H.-J. Braun, 2001

Current and emergence screening methods to identify post-heading-emergence frost adaptation in wheat and barley

By Frederiks et al., 2012

  Merging Physiological and Genetic Approaches to Improve Abiotic Stress Resistance

          By Jiwan P. Palta, 2014.



Special article in the ‘Stresses’ section of this web site.

By Rana Munns, Sham S. Goyal, and John Passioura

Screening & breeding wheat for salt tolerance

By P.A. Hollington, 1998

Screening methods for salinity tolerance: a case study with tetraploid wheat

By Rana Munns and Richard A. James, 2003.

Why does salinity pose such a difficult problem for plant breeders?

By T.J. Flowers and S.A. Flowers, 2005

Increasing salt tolerance in the tomato

By J. Cuartero et al., 2006

Approaches to increasing the salt tolerance of wheat and other cereals

By Rana Munns, Richard A. James and Andre Lauchli, 2006

Improving Salinity Tolerance in Cereals

By M. Shahbaz and M. Ashraf, 2013

  Crop breeding for salt tolerance in the era of molecular markers and marker-assisted selection.

         By Muhammad Ashraf, Majid R. Foolad, 2013

  New Insights on Plant Salt Tolerance Mechanisms and Their Potential Use for Breeding

        By Moez Hanin, Chantal Ebel, Mariama Ngom, Laurent Laplaze and Khaled Masmoudi, 2016.

  Genomics, Physiology, and Molecular Breeding Approaches for Improving Salt Tolerance 

        By Abdelbagi M. Ismail and Tomoaki Horie, 2017.


Mineral deficiency and nutrient efficiency

Special article in the ‘Stresses’ section of this web site.

By Surya Kant and Uzi Kafkafi

Breeding for drought and nitrogen stress in maize

      By M.Banziger, G.O.Edmeades, G. Beck and M.Bellon, 2000

Micronutrients (wheat)

By Ascher-Ellis, 2001

Breeding for better symbiosis

By Z. Rengel, 2002

Genetic improvement for phosphorus efficiency in soybean: a radical approach

By Xiurong Wang, Xiaolong Yan and Hong Liao, 2010.

  Genetic approaches to enhancing nitrogen-use efficiency (NUE) in cereals: challenges and future directions

By Trevor Garnett et al., 2015

  Breeding for increased nitrogen-use efficiency: a review for wheat (T. aestivum L.)

         By Fabien Cormier et al. 2016

  From promise to application: root traits for enhanced nutrient capture in rice breeding

        By Matthias Wissuwa, Tobias Kretzschmar and Terry J. Rose, 2016.


Mineral toxicity

Aluminum Toxicity Tolerance – Special article in the ‘Stesses’ section of this website

By E. Delhaize

Breeding for acid soils and aluminum toxicity

By A.R. Hede, B. Skovmand, and J. López-Cesati, 2001

Plant improvement for tolerance to aluminum in acid soils

By Deborah A. Samac and Mesfin Tesfaye, 2003

Aluminium tolerance in barley: physiology, genetics and screening methods

By Jun-ping Wang et al., 2006

  Genomics enabled breeding approaches for improving cadmium stress tolerance in plants

         By Uday Chand Jha  Abhishek Bohra, 2016.



Special article in the ‘Stresses’ section of this web site.

By M.B. Jackson

Waterlogging tolerance (wheat)

By A. Samad, C.A. Meisner, M. Saifuzzaman, and M. van Ginkel, 2001

Molecular breeding for waterlogging tolerance

By E.S. Dennis et al., 2000.

Review of wheat improvement for waterlogging tolerance in Australia and India: the importance of anaerobiosis and element toxicities associated with different soils

By T. L. Setter et al., 2009

A Comparison of Screening Methods in Brassica napus L.

        By Zho et al., 2014.

Genetics, Physiological Mechanisms and Breeding of Flood-Tolerant Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

        By Anuradha Singh  Endang M. Septiningsih  Harendra S. Balyan  Nagendra K. Singh Vandna Rai, 2017


QTLS and Genes

QTLs for stress resistance – a list


General and integrated topics

Application of physiology in wheat breeding (large file!)

By M.P. Reynolds, J.I. Ortiz-Monasterio and A. McNab (editors), 2001.

 Wheat Physiological Breeding I: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Improve Crop Adaptation.

Edited by M. Reynolds, A. Pask and D. Mullan; CIMMYT, Mexico 2012 (large pdf file).

 Wheat Physiological Breeding II: A Field Guide to Wheat Phenotyping.

Edited by A. Pask, J. Pietragalla, D. Mullan and M. Reynolds. CIMMYT, Mexico 2012 (large pdf file).

 Use of Wild Relatives and Closely Related Species to Adapt Common Bean to Climate Change

           By imothy G. Porch, James S. Beaver, Daniel G. Debouck, Scott Jackson, James D. Kelly and Hannes Dempewolf, 2013

 Heterosis, stress, and the environment: a possible road map towards the general improvement of crop yield

           By Abraham Blum, 2013.

 Breeding Management System (download)

 Genomic resources for breeding crops with enhanced abiotic stress tolerance.

          By Kailash C. Bansal, Sangram K. Lenka,Tapan K. Mondal, 2013

 Physiological Breeding

          By Matthew Reynolds and Peter Langridge, 2016

 Rice Breeding (overview) (PowerPoint Presentation by D. Mackill)


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