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Drought and drought tolerance

J.B. Passioura

The diversity of drought adaptation in the wide

P. Monneveux and E. Belhassen

Drought perception by plants Do cells of droughted plants experience water stress?

François Tardieu

Drought signal transduction in plants

A.B. Jensen, et al.

Responses of plants to dehydration stress: a molecular analysis

Dorothea Bartels, et al.

Plant cellular responses to water deficit

J.E. Mullet and M.S. Whitsitt

Mutants as tools to understand cellular and molecular drought tolerance mechanisms

Nicole Vartanian

Crop responses to drought and the interpretation of adaptation

Abraham Blum

Drought as a challenge for the plant breeder

S. Ceccarelli and S. Grando

Defining selection criteria to improve yield under drought

R.A. Richards

New molecular tools to improve the efficiency of breeding for increased drought resistance

S.A. Quarrie


(*) In Plant Growth Regulation, Volume 20, Number 2, November 1996

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