Selected Plantstress YouTube videos

Demonstrations ranging from scientific to popular



                          THE FIELD


Heat stress and wheat production in Russia (1.5 min)


Yield, economy

How a corn field is affected by moderate stress  (2 min)

-      and more severe stress  (3 min)

Drought, maize, yield, silage

Winter wheat, drought and fallow in North Dakota (2 min)


Planting, seedling survival

Conservation tillage (7 min)


Tillage, yield, soil, system

Drought effect on seed set in soybean (6 min)


Yield, pod

Farming systems at the age of climate change (1 hr)

-      Or in a nutshell… (1.5 min)

Fertilizers, water capture, no-till, breeding, more

Soil salinity in Australia – problems and solutions (5 min)


Australia, salinity, management

Soil salinity in the Midwest USA – Problems and solutions (27 min)


USA, salinity drainage, management

How trees survive the winter – an educational cartoon (3 min)


Trees, freezing, frost, hardening

Saline and sodic soils - the difference (7 min)

Salinity, sodicity, soil, crops

Conservation farming in India (6 min)

Conservation, soil, planting, soil moisture, India, wheat, rice, cowpea

Soybean nitrogen stress after wet conditions (4 min)

Soybean rhizobium waterlogging nitrogen, roots


                         THE PLANT


Plant hormones – a simple brief introduction (6 min)


IAA ABA, GA, Ethylene, Kinins


ABA signaling  (52 min)

Genomics, receptors, stress, Arabidopsis

Stress resistance breeding in rice – an overview 2013 (49 min)


Submergence, salinity, drought, cold

Resurrection plant – a demo (3 min)


“Rose of Jericho”


Osmosis – the basics (5 min)

Hypertonic, hypotonic, water flux, adjustment

Transport of water and salts in plants (4 min)

Roots minerals

Effect of high temperature on photosynthesis (4 min)

Rubisco, enzymes, energy, carbon, oxygen

Chilling stress and resistance (30 min)

Metabolism, oxidative stress, cells