Information resources for the major crop plants. Note- Information might be appropriate only in the environment for which it is published.


General – Crops and Soils

Agronomic Resources – From the GrainGenes web site

AquaCrop -- FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water

Cereal Disease Encyclopedia

Cereal Genomics databse – From the UK

Crop Wild Relative Database

EcoCrop—A crop environmental adaptation database and information system, by FAO

Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) – The Australian instrument for grain crop R&D

Integrated crop breeding platform

Lost Crops of Africa, Vol.1. Grains – Published on-line by the National Academy Press, Washington.

Lost Crops of Africa, Vol.2. Vegetables – Published on-line by the National Academy Press, Washington.

Pest and Disease identification – From Hawaii Extension

Plant Disease Central – For crops in Nebraska

Plant Management Network – Will answer your questions – by subscription

Plants Database – Enter a plant name and receive a volume of information, from the USDA

Precision Agriculture – A list of web sites from Ohio State Univ. Extension

Precision Agriculture -- Handbook

Small Scale Irrigation – FAO online publication on irrigation for arid zone.

Soil Solarization -- The control of soil inhabiting pests and diseases in an environmentally compatible way

The Crop Index -- An extensive resource from Purdue University

USA National Agricultural Library

World Soil Information

Corn and Sorghum

Corn production – From Iowa State Univ.

CIMMYT Maize Doctor – identify the problem with your crop

KingCorn -- A corn grower guidebook from Purdue

Maize DGB -- Maize genetics and genomics database

Maize -- Wiki

Sorghum Wiki – Mainly links

Sorghum Handbook – From Kansas

Sorghum Handbook – From Univ. of Arkansas

Sorghum – for forage – From Penn State

Texas Sorghum Producers


Millets – From Purdue

Pearl Millet -- Wiki

Small Grains

Annual Barley Newsletter -- Informal information exchange on current barley research

Annual Wheat Newsletter -- Informal information exchange on current wheat research

Small grains online -- From Minnesota.

Small Grains Production guide – Large pdf

Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale

Various Field Injury Symptoms, Wheat & Barley – From University of Minnesota Extension

Triticale  -- The wheat x rye cross – and its response and adaptation to stress

Triticale -- Wiki                                                        


Winter Cereals – From Saskatchewan Canada



Application of Physiology in Wheat Breeding – Large pdf file from CIMMYT

Wheat Physiological Breeding I. -- Large pdf file from CIMMYT

Wheat genitic resourcess – From Kansas State University

Komugi – An integrated wheat science database, from Japan

Wheat World -- Of the National Association of Wheat Growers (USA)

Wheat – From Nebraska

Wheat Genomics – From the UK


Breeding Rice for drought-Prone Environments --a breeder's manual (large pdf file)

California Rice – Popular information

Rice – Wiki

Rice Knowledge bank – From IRRI

Oryzabase – From Japan, mostly rice genetics and associated web links.

RiceInfo – International Rice Commision

Wild Rice -- (Which is not rice); from the University of Wisconsin



Integrated web site – From IITA

Industrial Crops

Cotton and Other Fibers

Arizona Cotton Information Site--Information on production and marketing of cotton

Cotton Online – A comprehensive industry related portal

Cotton -- Wiki

Jute - Wiki

Kenaf-- Written by Charles S. Taylor, Kenaf International, Ltd., McAllen, TX [based on Dempsey (1995)] Copyright ©


Sugar beet – Wiki

Sugar beet – From the University of Wisconsin

Sugarcane -- Wiki

Sugarcane Handbook – From Florida


Canola – Wiki

Canola Canada  -- Comprehensive site

Groundnut seed production – From ICRISAT India

Peanuts – From Florida

Peanuts – From the University of Georgia
Sesame –From the University of Wisconsin

Sesame – Wiki

The other sesame …

Soybean Growers Association – From Illinois

The soybean page – From Iowa State Univ.

Soybean – Wiki

Sunflower-- From the University of Wisconsin

Sunflower Production Handbook – For US High Plains, pdf file


Center for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA)

International Legumes Database

Legume Information System

Pulses Australia – Including information on pulses such as lupins, lentils, mungbeans and more

BeansRef-- A beans reference site from Bari, Italy

Chickpea--  By F.J. Muehlbauer and Abebe Tullu

Cowpea – From the University of Wisconsin

Faba bean -- By F.J. Muehlbauer and Abebe Tullu

Guar-- From University of Wisconsin

Mungbean -- From the University of Wisconsin

Pea -- By F.J. Muehlbauer and Abebe Tullu

Forage and Grassland

Forage Crops – from the small farm resources

Forage Information Systems-- From Oregon State University

Rangelands of the Western USA

Alfalfa-- Written by James A. Duke

Pollination Ecology-- Includes information on pollinators and seed set in alfalfa, by Karen Strickler

Herbs and Spices

Savory herbs -- From Purdue University

Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index

Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases --  Dr. Duke’s

Spice Index   



Orchard and Fruit Crops

California Rare Fruit Growers -- Association web site

Plantain and Banana – Morphology and growth, from IITA

Tree Fruit Online Handbook – From Penn State University

Small scal fruit production – mainly for the home grower

Post Harvest Technology  -- From University of California, Davis.

Nut Growing – From Illinois

African Cashew Nuts Industry

Vegetable growing guide -- From Cornell University

Vegetable MD Online  -- Cornell Plant Pathology Vegetable Disease Web Page

AVRDC  – The World Vegetable Center

International Potato Center (CIP)

Royal Horticultural Society – Gateway to gardening


REFORGEN – A global forestry genetic resources database (from FAO)

Global Association of Online Foresters

World Agroforestry Center

A Climate Change Atlas for 80 Forest Tree Species of the Eastern United States

Forest Pests of North America

Forestry - from FAO


Deserts Plants

Desert USA Flora

The Cactus Mall – Central hub for cacti and succulent plants.


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