Information resources for the major crop plants. Note- Information might be appropriate only in the environment for which it is published.


General – Crops and Soils

AquaCrop -- FAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water

Cereal Disease Encyclopedia

Crops land --  An amazing interactive global crops map

Crop Wild Relative Database

EcoCrop—A crop environmental adaptation database and information system, by FAO

FAOSTAT -- Statistical database on global food and agriculture at the FAO

Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) – The Australian instrument for grain crop R&D

Integrated crop breeding platform

Lost Crops of Africa, Vol.1. Grains – Published on-line by the National Academy Press, Washington.

Lost Crops of Africa, Vol.2. Vegetables – Published on-line by the National Academy Press, Washington.

Pest and Disease identification – From Hawaii Extension

Plant Disease Central – For major field crops

Plant Management Network – Will answer your questions – by subscription

Plants Database – Enter a plant name and receive a volume of information, from the USDA

Precision Agriculture -- Handbook

Small Scale Irrigation – FAO online publication on irrigation for arid zone.

Soil Solarization -- The control of soil inhabiting pests and diseases in an environmentally compatible way

The Crop Index -- An extensive resource from Purdue University

World Soil Information

Corn and Sorghum

Corn production – From Iowa State Univ.

CIMMYT Maize Doctor – identify the problem with your crop

KingCorn -- A corn grower guidebook from Purdue

Maize DGB -- Maize genetics and genomics database

Maize -- Wiki

Sorghum Wiki – Mainly links

Sorghum Handbook – From Univ. of Arkansas

Sorghum – for forage – From Penn State

Texas Sorghum Producers


Millets – From Purdue

Pearl Millet -- Wiki

Small Grains

Annual Barley Newsletter -- Informal information exchange on current barley research

Annual Wheat Newsletter -- Informal information exchange on current wheat research

Small grains online -- From Minnesota.

Small Grains Production guide – Large pdf

Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale

Various Field Injury Symptoms, Wheat & Barley – From University of Minnesota Extension

Triticale  -- The wheat x rye cross – and its response and adaptation to stress

Triticale -- Wiki                                                        


Winter Cereals – From Saskatchewan Canada



Application of Physiology in Wheat Breeding – Large pdf file from CIMMYT

Komugi – A wheat genetic resources database, from Japan

Wheat World -- Of the National Association of Wheat Growers (USA)

Wheat – From Nebraska

Wheat - Wiki

Wheat Genomics – From the UK


Breeding Rice for drought-Prone Environments --a breeder's manual (large pdf file)

California Rice – Popular information

Rice – Wiki

Rice Knowledge bank – From IRRI

Oryzabase – From Japan, mostly rice genetics and associated web links.

RiceInfo – International Rice Commision

Wild Rice -- (Which is not rice); from the University of Wisconsin



Integrated web site – From IITA

Industrial Crops

Cotton and Other Fibers

Arizona Cotton Information Site--Information on production and marketing of cotton

Cotton Online – A comprehensive industry related portal

Cotton -- Wiki

Jute - Wiki

Kenaf-- Written by Charles S. Taylor, Kenaf International, Ltd., McAllen, TX [based on Dempsey (1995)] Copyright ©


Sugar beet – Wiki

Sugar beet – From the University of Wisconsin

Sugarcane -- Wiki

Sugarcane Handbook – From Florida


Canola – Wiki

Canola Canada  -- Comprehensive site

Peanuts – From Florida

Peanuts – From the University of Georgia
Sesame –From the University of Wisconsin

Sesame – Wiki

Soybean – Wiki

Soybean Growers Association – From Illinois

Sunflower-- From the University of Wisconsin

Sunflower Production Handbook – For US High Plains, pdf file

The other sesame …


BeansRef-- A beans reference site from Bari, Italy

Center for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture (CLIMA)

Chickpea--  By F.J. Muehlbauer and Abebe Tullu

Cowpea – From the University of Wisconsin

Faba bean -- By F.J. Muehlbauer and Abebe Tullu

Guar-- From University of Wisconsin

International Legumes Database

Legume Information System

Mungbean -- From the University of Wisconsin

Pea -- By F.J. Muehlbauer and Abebe Tullu

Pulses Australia – Including information on pulses such as lupins, lentils, mungbeans and more

Forage and Grassland

Alfalfa-- Written by James A. Duke

Forage Crops – from the small farm resources

Forage Information Systems-- From Oregon State University

Pollination Ecology-- Includes information on pollinators and seed set in alfalfa, by Karen Strickler

Rangelands of the Western USA

Herbs and Spices

Aromatic and Medicinal Plants Index

European Herb Growers Association

Savory herbs -- From Purdue University

Spice Index   



Orchard and Fruit Crops

California Rare Fruit Growers -- Association web site

Tree Fruit Online Handbook – From Penn State University


Small scal fruit production – mainly for the home grower

Post Harvest Technology  -- From University of California, Davis.

Nut Growing – From Illinois

African Cashew Nuts Industry

Vegetable growing guide -- From Cornell University

Vegetable MD Online  -- Cornell Plant Pathology Vegetable Disease Web Page

AVRDC  – The World Vegetable Center

International Potato Center (CIP)

Royal Horticultural Society – Gateway to gardening


REFORGEN – A global forestry genetic resources database (from FAO)

Global Association of Online Foresters

World Agroforestry Center

Forest Pests of North America

Forestry - from FAO


Deserts Plants

Desert USA Flora

The Cactus Mall – Central hub for cacti and succulent plants.


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