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General Scientific and Biological/Agricultural Supplies on the Net

BelArt – Mostly plastic lab-ware – A consumer guide for biological equipment and supplies; reviews; comparisons.

BioSupply Net -- A central source for scientific supplies.

Chemdex -- Major biological, chemical and scientific supply hub on the net

Corning Life Sciences.

ExpoTech -- Listing of many scientific supply houses on the net

Fisher Scientific

Gelux -- Gels and related materials

Greiner – Laboratory disposables

Materials Safety Data  Sheets -- Do not compromise on safety! - From Cornell University -- Medical lab supplies

Netafim Irrigation equipment -- Irrigation equipment and applications

SciWeb – A searchable database of life science companies.

SeedQuest  -- A gateway for seed supply, processing and information

SelectScience -- A central source for scientific supplies

VWR Scientific Products -- Scientific supplies

World-wide Agricultural Machinery & Equipment Directory


--and More


Chemistry Information Resources

Chemical Suppliers Directory – Search for a chemical you need -- A comprehensive resource in chemistry

Chemistry WebBook -- U.S. National Institute of Standards chemistry fact book

Envirofacts Warehouse Chemical References Index -- Chemistry search engine

Links for Chemists -- Over 7000 chemistry links 

Periodic table of elements -- Dynamic

Tanner's General Chemistry -- Electrochemistry, physical chemistry, atoms, animations, etc. -- A chemistry gateway.


Specific Relevant Suppliers, Services and Technical Information

ADC Bioscientific -- IRGAs, portable photosynthesis instruments, water relations, environmental
Advanced Instruments – Micro osmometers, cryoscopes, immunoassays etc'

Agrisera – Supplier of antibodies for plant stress research

Agrolan – Environmental monitoring and test equipment

Almaco – Field plot equipment for field experiments.

American Soil Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) – Injectable soil additive that retain water and nutrients.
Analytical Spectral Devices -- Portable spectroradiometers

Angiel EnviroSafe, Inc. -- Using airborne remote sensing for GIS applications, including plant stress sensing.
Apogee Instruments – Spectral & irradiance measurement

Applied Technologies, Inc. – Meteorological instruments

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Equipment – Radiometers, spectrometers, infrared thermometers information resource.
AutoMate Scientific, Inc. -- Programmable perfusion and liquid delivery systems
Barz Technology Inc. USA -- Minirhizotron camera system for in-situ root observation
Ben Meadows -- Forestry equipment, field supplies

Betatherm –- thermistors and temperature sensors

Berkshire Corporation -- contamination control leader for clean room and controlled environment consumable products
Campbell Scientific, Inc. -- Dataloggers, data acquisition systems, software, and climate and microclimate instrumentation.
CID, Inc. – Plant physiology equipment, leaf area meters, portable photosynthesis systems
Clippard Miniature Pneumatics -- Miniature fluid power and control devices
Conviron – Controlled environment systems; plant growth chambers
Decagon,-- Water activity and potential, light interception, soil thermal properties and other biophysical instruments

Dickson – Wide range of sensors and data recorders and loggers including computer interface solutions.
Delta-T -- Plant physiology measurements, soil and water relations, dataloggers, microclimate and soil sensors.

Doriane – Maker of software for agricultural research.
Dynamax, Inc. -- Plant physiology measurements, soil and water relations, sap flow. Equipment for meteorology, hydrology and environmental science

EARS – Photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence equipment

Edaphic Scientific –- Soil, plant, water, environment testing & monitoring
Elemental Microanalysis Ltd. -- Consumables for elemental analysis

Eltek – Data loggers and sensors for environmental measurements; building custom systems.

EverestInterscience – Infrared thermometers
FieldWorker Products—Field data collection software and systems, also employing GPS.

Find-a-Sensor – How to measure almost anything

FLIR – Thermal imaging including handheld IR cameras

FORCE-A – Sensors and Fluorimeters for field measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence, polyphenol and other plant constituents.

Forestry Suppliers

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology -- Sensor solution source for measurements in load, torque, or pressure.

GIS -- Geographic information systems and mapping systems, sofware
Hach Company – Kits for analyzing various plant and soil minerals including soil salinity

Hansatech -- Instrumentation for plant respiration, photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence studies

Holland Scientific – Crop scanning and mapping

Horticultural Alliance Inc -- Mycorrhizal inoculants and other soil microflora

ICT International - Solutions for Soil, Plant and Environmental monitoring
InstruMart – Shop for environmental measurement instruments

Irrometer Company, Inc. – Soil moisture sensors and controls

Kipp & Zonen, Inc. – Environmental and meteorological instruments, since 1830
LECO Corporation -- C-H-N-S analyzers and other equipment

LemnaTec – High throughput plant phenotyping service
LI-COR, Inc.-- Instruments for plant physiology, ecophysiology, and microclimatic measurements

Mettler-Toledo -- Scales, balances.

Nanmac Corporation – Thermocouples, temperature measurement

NovaLynx -- Manufacturer and distributor of weather monitoring instruments and systems.

Ntechindustries – Makers of ‘Greenseeker’, a hand-held remote sensing tool for assessing plant stress
OI Analytical -- Instruments for the analysis of water and chemical compounds (including ALPKEM)
Omega Engineering, Inc.-- Temperature measurement and control; flow, pressure, conductivity and data acquisition
Onset Computer Corp (Hobos) – Data-loggers

Opgal – Thermal imaging equipment, including handheld digital camera

Opti Sciences -- Chlorophyll measurement, fluorescence and photosynthesis equipment
Parr Instruments -- Calorimeters and related lab instrumentation

Patent search (free) -- (Try searching for ‘drought’)

Photon Systems Instruments (PSI) – Chlorophyll fluorescence & other photometric instruments

PhotosynQ – A portable device for measuring leaf traits such as chlorophyll fluorescence, temperature etc.

PhotoResearch – Light and spectral measurement

Physical Acoustics Corporation -- Acoustic emission sensors for detecting plant xylem cavitation.

PMS Instruments Corporation -- Pressure chambers for plant water relations work
PP Systems -- Portable photosynthesis & transpiration systems, spectral analysis and CO2 measurement systems

Qubit Systems – Photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, soil, and high throughput plant phenotyping systems

RainWise, Inc. – Weather instruments

Raytek Corporation – Infrared thermometers

Regent Instruments – Image analysis systems for plant science

RS Hydro Ultrasonic -- Environmental and meteorological measurement
Scott Specialty Gases -- Calibration gases
Sensors, Measurements, Instrumentation – A web portal

Skye Instruments -- Dataloggers, microclimate and environmental sensors
Small Parts Inc. – What you need if you build your own instruments and gadgets

Smartfield – Environmental measurements and infrared thermometers

Soilmoisture Equipment Corporation -- Pressure chambers and soil moisture measurement systems – Extensive resource for soil moisture measurements and supplies
Spectrum Technologies – Plant, Agronomic and environmental monitoring equipment

Telatemp – Temperature measurements including infrared thermometers and dataloggers. – Information resource for temperature and its measurement

Thermoline Scientific – New pressure drop (viscous flow) leaf porometer at (

Turner Design -- Fluorometers (including chlorophyll) and luminometers

Van Walt – Soil sampling equipment, soil moisture equipment

Wintersteiger – Machinery for field experiments

Vaisala, Inc. – Environmental and meteorological instruments

Valitec - Data acquisition standard products, custom OEM capabilities, and field solution products.

UMS – German made plant and environmental measuring instruments including soil and lysimeters.
WALZ – Advanced chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange equipment
Wescor -- Plant and soil water sensors, weather stations and dataloggers

ZIM – Plant turgor and environmental sensors


General Lab Equipment News

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